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Motor Control Centres



Twyver have designed, built, installed and commissioned 'Motor Control Centres' for numerous industries and customers at both home and abroad.

Recent applications

  • Quarries
  • Industrial Gas Plants
  • Water / Sewage Treatment Works
  • Automobile manufacture
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Aviation industry
  • Food Processing

Twyver have experience in providing 'Motor Control Centres' incorporating the following:

  • Fully compartmentised Form 4, Type 7 construction, to Wardrobe style Form 1
  • Dimensions tailored to suit individual customers specific requirements
  • Fixed or Withdrawable style starters
  • Any type of starting method
  • Fully weatherproof designs

Control systems incorporated within the motor control centres are designed to meet with our customers individual process requirements, utilising techniques from basic relay control through to sophisticated PLC systems.