Technical Excellence
    All of our highly skilled project engineers are experts in their field, able to take on full responsibility for all elements of each project.
    Long-term relationship
    We pride ourselves in building a strong relationship with our customers & suppliers when completing a project.
    Your safety net for critical power
    We care for our customers by providing on going technical support and critical power services.
    Our first class reputation has been built on guaranteed quality time after time.
    Value engineering
    Our engineering expertise and group purchasing power mean we can offer the most suitable solutions at the best price.
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Twyver is a specialist Switchgear and Critical Power Solutions provider to the Retail, Industrial and Building Services markets.

With more than 75 years of leading-edge experience, the Twyver brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation, and our custom engineered products ensure that value added functionality is built in to every project.

Twyver is part of VINCI Energies, a world leader in Energies and Information and are able to deliver project from small scale to multi million pounds.

We hope you will make Twyver your first choice.


Our Philosophy

Single point responsibility
A dedicated project engineer is responsible for all aspects of each project.

We pride ourselves in developing long term relationships with customers, based on mutual respect, openness and honesty.

Utilising the fullest technical resource in all areas. We are committed to continuous improvement.

Achieving the best product quality.





Our History

Mill_Brook_Street_factory_1960.jpgEstablished in 1940, under the name Twyver Switchgear, the company has designed and manufactured electrical distribution switchboards, motor control centres, generator control and instrument panels for a wide variety of industries worldwide.


Twyver was created by the historically renowned Electrical contractor group named Lee Beesley [acquired by VINCI Energies in 1991], which was established in Coventry by one Carpenter (Charles Lee) and one Electrician (Herbert Beesley), in 1907. 


In 1935 with war clouds gathering, His Majesty’s Government, prompted by visionaries such as Winston Churchill, embarked on a programme of shadow factory building to provide the industrial capacity away from cities likely to be targeted by enemy bombers. Lee Beesley was heavily involved in these developments including the project to move the first jet engine production unit of Frank Whittle from Coventry to Gloucester. With this new peak of activity in the Gloucester area, Lee Beesley opened its first manufacturing company called Twyver which manufactured control panels for the aircraft industry.Much of the work done was classified as Top Secret so that staff of Twyver had to be vetted by MI5 in order to work in highly confidential sites such as where the Gloucester Meteor, Britain’s first jet propelled fighter, was developed. 



On its anniversary date (2nd September 2015), MP Richard GRAHAM and VINCI Energies UK & RoI CEO, Rochdi ZIYAT unveiled a plaque commemorating the 75th Anniversary.  A trip down to memory lane followed with a factory tour on the shop floor with esteemed members of staff, reliving the past and present of Twyver. 

Rochdi ZIYAT added: “Twyver is a great part of our British heritage and this is with great pleasure and pride that we celebrate its 75th anniversary. It has now been 75 years that Twyver provides our customers with outstanding products and services thanks to the know-how and expertise of Twyver’s hard-working employees. This is a great accomplishment by everyone involved in making Twyver’s history; whether it is its past, present or in shaping its successful future.” 



Richard GRAHAM commented: “The role of businesses like Twyver in Gloucester’s WW2 aerospace history is legendary: and the legacy of its manufacturing skills continues today in the Industrial and Building Sectors. Today celebrates the past, and looks forward to the next 75 years of Twyver’s Switchgear and Critical Power Solutions.